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At Mr Mags Autosport, you will meet a team of enthusiasts for all vehicles, but especially for yours. Our experts, with many years of experience and with awards in automobile aesthetics and sound pressure levels, know what they are talking about. They know how to listen and will offer you the best advice while keeping within your budget. Looking for the perfect accessory for your truck or sports car, the one you have always dreamed of? Or do you just want a handy accessory for your everyday use? Whatever you’re looking for, our advisors will be there for you, with a warm welcome and the best available prices.

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A family business since 1947, Mr Mags is the place to go when it comes to taking care of your vehicle. Cars and trucks are our passion. For unbeatable prices on tires and rims of any size, to change your windshield or find a part, to choose the best security system for your vehicle, for overall quality, come to Mr Mags.


Whether you have a new vehicle or something older, you need to be safe. With years of experience in this area, Mr. Mags offers you the highest quality for repairs and windshield replacement, and the best service for all our customers. Our qualified technicians use only the very best products when replacing your windscreen, ensuring a top quality installation.