Protection – Vin-Lock acid chiseling

Top of the range at an affordable price!

Approved by the insurance industry, the protection offered by Mr Mags enables you to mark your vehicle in 100 separate places. The technique does not damage the paintwork and does not scratch the glass.

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  1. Centrale Vin-Lock uses an acid chiseling technique. Discreet and appreciated by the owners concerned about the appearance of their vehicle, this technique eliminates the possibility of damage caused by sand chipping.
  2. More than 100 identifying marks are chiseled on each vehicle.
  3. Deterrent stickers are attached to the driver and front passenger windows.
  4. The address of our website is chiseled on to each vehicle, along with our IATA coding (coding accredited by the International Air Transport Association).


The number of points-of-sale and the quality of its distribution network make Centrale Vin-Lock an important player in the field of theft prevention in Quebec.

Visit us for a quick and prompt installation to take advantage of your insurer’s theft prevention program.